What is SUDS? – SUDS – Sustainable Urban Drainage System

The Issue.

Development often alters natural drainage by replacing free draining ground with impermeable surfaces, gullies, pipes, sewers and channels. Also, it can remove vegetation and compact the ground. These changes increase the total volume and flow of runoff and may make areas more susceptible to flooding locally but also exacerbate river flooding through sudden rises in water levels and flow rates in water courses as well as stopping water soaking into the ground depleting ground water and reducing flows in natural water courses in dry weather.

There is also a risk of polluting our natural watercourses reducing the quality of the water in rivers and groundwater affecting, wildlife, biodiversity and amenity value as the surface water run off can also contain contaminants such as oil, organic matter and toxic metals.

Part of the Solution.

There is a growing acceptance that we need a more sustainable approach to managing surface water. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) mimic natural drainage processes to reduce the effect on the quality and quantity of runoff from developments and provide amenity and biodiversity benefits, helping to negate the issues above. Part of the SUDS regulations brought in in 2008 applies to driveways, paving and hard standings to help improve the environment and reduce the impact of the surface water.

Our resin bound surfacing allows for the hard standing on paving and driveway developments to mimic natures, natural surface water filtration system by allowing surface water to slowly return to the subterraneous water courses and re-enter the rain water cycle. The honeycomb nature of our products when combined with a porous substrate such as porous macadam or our Eco grid system will allow for the water to drain naturally and be partially purified by filtering out some of the contaminants along the way simulating the amazing natural process. This means that we are able to provide SUDS compliant surfacing for your project.

For more information on SUDS please see The Environment Agency website:

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